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Jammin’ Beignetz

Posted by YAR 18 Dec 2009 No Comments

The owner of Ro’Chez, James Roache, also owns Jammin’ Beignetz (111 N. Wheatley St, Ridgeland), which is in a charming little building right around the corner from the more upscale restaurant.


Inside the cottage, the atmosphere feels like a cross between a coffee shop and a relative’s cozy house. You order from a window into the tiny kitchen. You can pour yourself some (surprisingly good) coffee from the restaurant coffee maker that was apparently salvaged from a Shoney’s. And the restaurant really does serve only beignets.


These are the “traditional” beignets. They were quite different from the only beignets I have ever had before, which were in the Cafe du Monde style. These were much airier and more like puff pastries than donuts. The difference was not necessarily for the worse, though. In fact, they came with a honey sauce that would go on every dessert if I were king.

But most of the beignets they offer are savory, and instead of several small beignets, these dishes are one large, meal-sized pastry with the meat component on top. For our lunch, we got the Egg Andouille and the Beef Cheddar. They both looked pretty much the same and I honestly can’t remember which one is pictured here (I think it is Egg Andouille).


The pastry was again puffy and light, but the larger version of the beignet had more substance and doughiness to it than the traditional beignets did. The Egg Andouille was straightforward, though the sauce (balsamic, I think) added a little twist on a simple egg and sausage dish. The Beef Cheddar was rich and somewhat sweet. Both were comforting and flavorful, though not extremely complex.

All of the savory beignets are served with a side of roasted potatoes; one of the servings we got was somewhat undercooked but they had a robust and tasty combination of spices on them—we just thought they would have tasted better if the spices had had more time to meld while cooking. Melding can be very key, you know.

They alo sell beer, and are open 9 - 6 Monday through Thursday, 9 - 9 Friday and Saturday, and 9 - 3 on Sundays. For another take on Jammin’, see the Cynical Cook’s review here.

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