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[5 Jul 2010 | No Comment | ]
Pecan Park Cafe

The Pecan Park Cafe (1039 Pecan Park Cir., Jackson) is a friendly soul food restaurant that opened in May.

A lunch plate (meat, two veg, bread) costs $6.50, and is quite a lot of food (don’t be fooled by the low level of beans in the photo below—she actually filled it almost to overflowing, and it did in fact overflow into the rest of the container).  They offer a few things daily (fried chicken, baked chicken, baked fish, greens, string beans, lima beans, mac & cheese and rice & gravy), with …

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[20 Apr 2010 | No Comment | ]
Griffin’s Restaurant: Home of the Whoa Burger

I hesitated to go in when I pulled up at Griffin’s (3224 W. Capitol St., Jackson) because there were no cars around and I wasn’t sure it was open.  But then I smelled something delicious and realized it was definitely open for business.  Several people trickled in and out to pick up their orders while I waited for my burger — it is definitely a call-ahead joint if you are in any hurry.

The menu lists regular burgers and “Whoa Burgers.”  I had never heard of the latter — according to …

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[12 Apr 2010 | 7 Comments | ]
McDade’s Hot Breakfast

Everyone else probably knew this already, but somehow I only recently noticed that McDade’s has a hot bar at the deli counter.  I heard a rumor that the breakfast* was an especially good deal, so I stopped at the Belhaven store (904 E. Fortification St, Jackson) on my way to work this morning.

The hot bar when I went offered scrambled eggs, biscuits, grits (cheese and regular), rice, gravy, toast, french toast, breakfast sausage, regular sausage, and bacon.  I chose a biscuit, sausage, and cheese grits.

The biscuit was quite good, if …

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[5 Apr 2010 | 3 Comments | ]
Big John’s Restaurant

Big John’s (3399 Medgar Evers Blvd, Jackson) is a good place to go if you feel like eating four to five sandwiches for four to five bucks.  They may not be very huge sandwiches, but they’re pretty tasty.

The “smokes” sandwich, for $1, is crumbled spicy sausage with slaw.  It comes in hot and mild, and I chose hot, which had a great burn to it.  It was very similar to the smoked sausage sandwich at the Big Apple Inn, and without a side-by-side comparison I’m not sure which I liked …

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[31 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]
Mimi’s Family & Friends

Mimi’s Family & Friends (3139 N. State St, Jackson) is the newest occupant of the gas-station-turned-optometrist’s-office at the north end of Fondren on State Street.  The space converts surprisingly well to a restaurant, though it still has a bit of an office feel (mainly in the carpets).  The interior is larger than I expected, with several tables and a couch in a couple of different nooks.  The shaded tables outside are great–I wish they had more.  Inside, the atmosphere is extremely friendly and familial (which I just typed without even thinking …

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[24 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]
Tony’s Tamales

Tony’s Tamales (228 E. Capitol St, Jackson) is a downtown lunch spot that I don’t go to nearly enough — for a long time I thought it was closed (I’m not sure if it was) and I rarely think to eat tamales for lunch.  But I recently heard that they have good burgers, which reminded me to go.

The burger was surprisingly hefty for $4, and was savory and well seasoned.  It was well done, so not exactly juicy, but was flavorful anyway — a perfectly good example of the thin-patty variety …

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[12 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]
Ellis Seafood

Ellis Seafood (211 W. Woodrow Wilson Ave, Jackson) has two locations in Jackson; I finally drove by this one enough times and had to stop in (the other one is at 1041 Ellis Ave).  They offer many sizes and types of meals and combos, all of which seem like a good deal.  The meals come with two sides (the default is fries and salad but you can sub fried rice or hushpuppies), a drink, and, of course, white bread.  I got a three-piece catfish meal for $4.99, which was plenty …


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